Spent an enjoyable two days March 1 and 2 driving around Manitoulin Island looking for interesting scenes to photograph. The weather was sunny with temperatures both days in the range of -10C. Snow pack was about 50 cm. Took many of the pictures along roadsides, but did some snowshoeing along the frozen shore of Lake Huron. Saw a gentleman ice fishing for rainbow trout near the stern of the old ferry (now a museum) near Manitowaning. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, along with the nearby lighthouse, still stand proudly in the snow after 168 years. Deer were common in the forests near South Baymouth and Gore Bay. Numerous springs have water flowing throughout the winter as did the Manitou River and the Kagawong Rivers. The Great Lakes commercial fishing boat at Providence was frozen solidly into the ice. The jetty near the fishing boat provided an ideal vantage point for examining the frozen shoreline. Open water was about 0.5 km out from the shoreline. Shot lots of trees in midwinter and plan to have a site devoted to trees in all seasons. Likewise, the Manitoulin split cedar log fences (icons of the Island) are beautiful in the winter as are the old barns and we plan to have a site devoted to each of them in all seasons. The patterns made by the vertical boards and sheet metal make particularly intriguing photographs.



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    Joe D. Shorthouse is a professor of entomology and environmental biology at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario who is interested in the natural history of Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest freshwater island..


    April 2013